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How To Successfully Retail Homebrew Products In IrelandHow To Successfully Retail Homebrew Products In Ireland

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Welcome To Ireland's HomeBrew Wholesale Store

Pricing is now in £, ex VAT, so that we won't have to keep changing wholesaling pricing as before. Click on the Euro button above to see indicative Euro pricing (this may vary daily as exchange rates change). You will be billed in £.

Discounts are available, you must apply for a discount code (just email us at: sales@homebrewwest.com). Discounts vary depending on order volume.

There is a low minimum order; however, as a wholesale customer, it is expected that you will purchase at least Euro 3000 per anum. And you should have a shop. Consumers who may have stumbled accross this site should go to http://homebrewwest.ie

As official wholesale agents for Coopers, Hambleton Bard, Muntons, and Finlandia, we can get their products to you cheaper and quicker than any other source.

For Youngs and Ritchies products, you may do better dealing directly with them in the UK, but you would have to order full pallets at a time in order to make shipping costs feasible, will encounter minimum initial order values of thousands of pounds (per supplier), and will probably pay more at the end of the day on small and medium sized orders.

Shipping is charged per 30 Kg package, or pallets of goods may be collected by you. We ask you to estimate how many packages your order will require. When we ship it, we will email you and let you know if you are in credit or if you owe for shipping so that it can be adjusted with your next order.

If items you want are not here, or are out of stock, please email us and we will can usually get them up on the system within a day. We re-order from suppliers weekly, so we should normally be able to get new products and out of stock items quickly.

Full product details and images can be found on our retail site: http://homebrewwest.ie. Any products there can be quickly put up here. 


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