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First off, homebrew is booming. And its not like it was during the '80s. These days, you can successfully make quality beers and wines at a fraction of the price of shop bought ones. Its here to stay.

But how to retail it? There are thousands of homebrew products, so which ones should you stock? This is a critical question because you may have limited shelf space and cash to invest in this venture, so lets do a bit of background stuff before we arrive at an answer, the right answer for you.

Homebrewing can generally be categorized as follows:
- beer making,
- cider making,
- wine making, and
- spirit making.

Each of these can be made as simple or as complex as you like. So lets make some assumptions:
- you have limited shelf space, and limited funds to invest in new stock,
- you want to maximize your return on investment.

The best way to do this is to pick the best selling products, and properly support them so that your customers can buy all they need from your store.

And properly supporting them is critical. Most products need others to work, so if you run out of critical ingredients you probably wont sell much at all!

Lets also assume that you will wish to avoid:
- items that dont sell quickly,
- items with short shelf lives,
- items that require you to provide a lot of product support.

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