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Margins on the Coopers DIY Beer Kit below are low if you match online pricing. This is true all over the world. However it is the best equipment kit by far: Coopers claim that, on average, it generates 7 repeat sales per year. So its well worth selling it at a lower margin. It also looks superb on a shelf or a shop window. Most shops sell it for about €99.95 or about 11% more than online pricing.

Margins on the Kilner equipment kits are much better, but the kits are less complete. Kilner are a well known brand.

You can make up cheaper kits from the individual components that can't be compared directly online if you vary them a little. The only disadvantage in a retail setting is that they may not look so good as you probably won't have fancy boxes to put them in. An advantage is that the components can usually be stacked, particularly fermentation buckets, so they don't take up as much space.

The heating belt is used to heat the fermenting bucket, and it should be used with the mechanical timer to control the amount of heat.

Margins on the Coopers OxBar bottles are also low if you match online pricing, but we strongly suggest stocking them because they do not have the problems associated glass. Most shops sell them for about €14.95 or about 25% more than online pricing.

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0025.567 Kilner Drink Works Equipment Starter Kit
0025.590 Kilner Drink Works Lager Starter Kit
0025.591 Kilner Drink Works Bitter Equipment Starter Kit
0025.592 Kilner Drink Works Cider Equipment Starter Kit
Brew Belt New From Better Brew
Coopers Microbrewery Starter Kit 7.5 Kg
Coopers Ox-Bar PET Bottles 1.0 Kg £13.95
Timer For Use With Brew Belts, Heating Pads / Trays

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