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Wine can be made from kits containing grape juice / concentrate, and all the other ingredients you will need. There are kits that yield a quality wine in just 5 days! And there are kits that yield wine of a quality thats is hard to find in the best wine store in Ireland, but take 4 to 6 weeks to make, and improve with age.

Wine can also be made from various fruits, and other plants. "Country wines" tend to be seasonal. Elderflower wine/champaigne is all the rave at the time of writing. In a short few weeks, it will be cider, and others. All these recipes demand a variety of indredients that you must have in stock. Without just one ingredient, the consumer cant make the wine, and you will lose the entire order.

One thing common to all homebrewed wine kits is that they contain less chemicals than commercial wines, and less sulphites in particular.

Kit Brewing Wine Kits
There are hundreds of wine kits, 5 day kits to 6 week kits. And 1.7 Kg concentrate kits, to 20 Kg grape juice kits.
And there are 6 bottle kits, and 30 bottle kits. At Home Brew West, we know which kits work for consumers in Ireland. And these are the ones you should stock.

The single most popular kit by far is the Cantina Pinot Grigio, it produces a very drinkable white wine in just 5 days. The most popular quality wine range is the Advintage Moments range. These are superb wines. Other good sellers are the low cost Bards Grape Blends, Magnum and Belvino wine kits. The challenge is to generate repeat business, so its very important to provide a quality kit that keeps your customers homebrewing. And at a price that keeps them coming back to your store.

So we strongly suggest you stock the wine kits in our wine retailer pack; it contains many of the best selling wine kits in Ireland. And we can get them to you at the same pricing that UK stores pay for them. So you can be very competitive, or operate at higher margins, or both.

Brewing Country Wine Kits
There are hundreds of country wine kit
recipes. Many are seasonal, taking advantage of whatever fruit/vegetable is in season. But they all need additional ingredients. Our wine retailer pack contains the optimum mix of ingredients required for most of these recipes. 

Wine Making Equipment
There is a huge range of wine making equipment. Our wine retailer pack contains the equipment that most wine makers need.

Our Retail Packs For 0.5 and 1.0 Meter Displays contain optimum wine solutions depending on your available floor space and budget. Wine equipment packs are not as neat and tidy as the beer solutions, and may require more product support than the beer kits too. HomeBrewWest are working on better retail display solutions for wine (they don't exist at the time of writing).

Wine Ingredient Kits (like the Cantina and Advintage ranges) are completely self contained, and don't require any additional ingredients.

But this is not true for country wine solutions. NB Buying patterns change from location to location. It is important that you maintain sufficient stocks of the ingredients that go along with the country wine kits. For example, if you run out of Campden tablets, you may lose an entire country wine sale.

Full product details and images can be found on our retalier site: http://homebrewwest.ie

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